Browser Check

Google Chrome is supported!

Pixelpulse, the CEE user interface, works better in Google Chrome. You can proceed with Firefox, but may encounter problems. Firefox support is coming soon.

Pixelpulse, the CEE user interface, requires Google Chrome.

Click to download, then come back to this page in Google Chrome.

Install software

Nonolith Connect is a small server that allows applications in your web browser to acccess a CEE connected to your USB port. Technical Details »

Nonolith Connect was not found on this computer. Installation will progress to the next page when detected.

Already installed Nonolith Connect?

Make sure it is running & check your firewall settings to make sure it was allowed to listen on localhost, port 9003.

Nonolith Connect is installed and running.

Get started!

The diagram below shows how to use your CEE's two channels.

You can now plug your CEE into the computer's USB port.